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Why Choose Us?

For new or old vehicles, our detailing services will revitalise, enhance and protect your investment’s interior and exterior surfaces, allowing you to better enjoy your vehicle the way it was designed to look.

Service And Treatments

The Detailing Difference

First and foremost detailing is not simply cleaning a vehicle.  It is not a ‘wash and vac’ service, nor is it the quick buff and polish offered to you at many a valet centre or car wash.  True detailing is the art and skill of bringing out the very best possible appearance in a vehicle, and keeping it looking that way. By deep cleaning, correcting defects and protecting them for the future, YOUR vehicle can.

This is achieved by using only the finest automotive formulated cleaners, compounds, polishes, dressings and state of the art protective coatings to safely and responsibly enhance and protect the various finishes of a vehicle. These processes produce a result that no other traditional service can match nor rival.

Why is this different? No two vehicles are the same and each requires special attention. For this reason true detailing services like those offered by Distinct Detail, will thoroughly assess every inch of a vehicle before and during the process.  This includes:

  • Clearcoat thickness measurement and mapping to document the level of paint that can be compounded/polished. This process ensures that the best result is achieved whilst retaining as much clearcoat as possible to ensure future maintenance.
  • This measurement also allows any thin spots to be avoided and avoid the possibility of strike-through, which is costly to repair
  • Every surface of the vehicle is photographed to document before and after processes
  • Random Isolated Defects (deep scratches, etchings etc) are documented using a paint inspection microscope
  • VIN information is scanned and documented, informing Distinct Detail and the owner of the original specifications of the vehicle when built. This also provides the paint and interior leather/trim codes for touch-ups.

With this information at hand, we are able to safely remove paint imperfections using:

  • both professional large-stroke and forced-rotation dual action polishers, delivering superior results without removing large amounts of clearcoat.
  • Superior and bright studio LED lighting to reveal the true finish of a vehicle and allowing true results
  • The highest quality microfiber towels and applicators that won’t leave marring/light scratches that will show up in sunlight

Being accredited and authorised by GYEON Quartz to install and apply long term Ceramic Quartz coatings, the improvement to your vehicle will not fade away or require 3 monthly top-ups like inferior services.  The maintenance of your vehicle will be a quicker and easier process, to save you time cleaning and rather spending that time enjoying your vehicle.